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export salmon fish from canada

Export salmon fish from Kanda to many countries. Kanda was the first country in the field of fish farming. After Kanda, many countries, including Iran, have been involved in the cultivation of salmon. Currently, Iran is considered one of the countries exporting salmon fish in the world.

Exports of the main salmon grown fish in Iran

How many salmon fish exports from Iran are to be exported? What is the average annual amount? How much is the salmon grown, whose origins are grown in Iran, and is called the salmon of Iran? Russia is among the countries where the purchaser of salmon is from Iran.

Several thousand tons of fish are exported annually to Iran for many neighboring countries. Among them are salmon, carp, amour and trout. Salmon fish are available either in marine or breeding. To know more about this fish, we first look at the characteristics of Salmon fish and its appearance.

export salmon fish


Fish salmon profile

This question arises to most people about what kind of salmon fish are? What are the characteristics of this fish compared to other fish like carp and amour? Salmon fish are from the salmon family and are from the free fish group. One of the most important benefits of using salmon fish in comparison with other fish is the amount of Amba 3 and its fatty acids.

The amount of fatty acids in the salmon fish is more abundant than other fish. One of the most prominent features of salmon is its orange meat. Salmon fish is quite similar to salmon, but it also has a number of differences. In addition to salmon pink salmon meat and white salmon meat, the two fishes can be distinguished in terms of their appearance.

In terms of appearance, these two fish can be identified. Two apparent differences of salmon and trout:

The lower half of the Salmon’s trunk, unlike the trout, is empty.

The salmon’s jaw is higher than the eye, while the jaw of the salmon fish never goes up from its eyes.

export salmon fish

Salmon Fish Shape

Salmon like many other fishes has a spiny body that is made up of a fat wagon at the rear of its body. In the mouth area of ​​this fish, there is a tooth, and the salmon fins do not have a complete crop. The salmon fish is covered by the skin from the free group of fish.

Salmon’s body color is one of the important parameters in free fish. Body color can play a role in reproductive behaviors as well as in its collective movements. Salmon is a powerful swimmer and has a finely tuned captain

export salmon fish

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