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Carp fish for sales in spanish

Carp grown fish is one of the most delicious and finest fish ever to be. in spanish Carp is one of the most delicious food.This fish for sale from Iran for many countries, including Iraq, Russia, Spain, Poland.

Carp  fish is large scales and has a dorsal fin. The number of side scales

Carp fishin this fish is between 30 and 32. In Iran common carp is available in the Caspian Sea and Tajan River.

common carp invasive species

Carp is all-around. This fish in the sea consumes insects and eggs, and even babies. Carp is divided into four groups based on the position of the scales on its body.

Porcupine: This carp is completely covered with scales. Mirror carp: Scales in this species of fish are in the form of a mirror and uncomfortable.

  1.  Carp is a single row of scales: it has a scales row and all the same size
  2. Leather or naked carp: In this species of carp there is no scales or the number of scales in it is low.
  3. Species that are found in Iran and offered for sale include common carp, silver carp, and carpal wood.

Pound fish for sale

What is the price per pound of carp for sale? One of the factors that can play a major role in the sale of carp is the type of fish. As we mentioned above, carp has many different types. But what is produced in Iran is generally three types: silver carp, ordinary carp, and thicket carp. That the price for each sale is slightly different. So when buying this type of fish, first you must specify the type of carp, fish weight, and its tonnage.

Carp fish sale


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