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trout fish suppliers from iran

trout fish suppliers in Iran raise different types of trout fish. Salmon is a type of cold-water fish. This fish is located in the free fish group. Salmon has a compact body shape and dandelion in terms of its appearance. It has a rainbow strip on both sides of it.

The spawning period of this fish is from late winter to late spring. Trout is one of the most sophisticated sources of iron, and it also plays an important role in maintaining body resistance. Salmon has many different types to look for in the two types.

rainbow trout

The brown salmon is home to Europe. In terms of its appearance, the color of this fish is greenish-brown and the color underneath its abdomen is golden. There are black and red molecules on the body. The life of this fish is higher than other species. Brown trout has been introduced to many countries around the world due to the popularity of the market. The normal size of this fish is in the nature of 1 to 2 kilograms.

trout fish suppliers from iran

brown trout

Rainbow trout is the most popular fish species among people. Salmon has some special features. This fish has a better adaptation to the environment and is more likely to be domesticated than red carp salmon. Another feature of salmon is that it is resistant to disease and lack of oxygen. According to research, salmon has the highest levels of omega-3. These fatty acids reduce muscle aches, insomnia and lack of concentration. On the other hand, iron in salmon increases the absorption of iron sources of vegetable so it plays a very important role in the prevention of anemia.

trout fish suppliers from iran

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